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May 19, 2019

Sunday’s Message

“No More Chains”
Romans 6:15-23

Yes, there are consequences for sin. Satan will lie to you just like he did Adam and Eve. He will whisper: “Eat, drink, partake; you won’t surely die,” but you can be sure, Satan is a bold face liar. Sin always has attached to it undesirable bitter consequences, either immediate, eternal, or both.

Joseph Gros

“Your ways and your doings Have procured these things for you. This is your wickedness, Because it is bitter, Because it reaches to your heart.”

Jeremiah 4:18



We will be having a baptism after 2nd service on May 19.

We will also have a dessert potluck after the baptism.

Let us know if you’d like to be baptized by signing up HERE.


Kairos Week at Southern NM Men’s Correctional Facility will be May 16-19. Contact Bob for information – 574-2332. We would appreciate your support in prayer, cookies, place mats, and/or donations.




The Hi-Lo Silvers will have their Spring Concert Friday, May 10, at 7pm and Sunday, May 12, at 3pm at First Presbyterian Church at 1915 Swan Street.




Weekly Happenings

There are many opportunities for worship, Bible study, and fellowship.  Follow this link for our schedule of recurring activities.

Please Keep in Prayer

Missions & Missionaries We Support

  • Silver City Gospel Mission – Amy Wagner, Director
  • Several missionaries serving throughout Africa, Asia, and the Middle East
    • (See print bulletin for details)

Calvary Chapel Ministries

  • Calvary Chapel LPFM Station – KKSC 100.1 FM
    • Pastor Joseph’s program “A New Start” airs at 8am and 5pm, Monday–Friday
  • Calvary Christian Academy
  • Revolution Youth — Student Ministry Grades 7-12

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